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Hyperlocal News with Outside.in for Publishers

by Howard Silverman

At the outside.in blog:

Today we are launching the product we’ve been focusing on for the past year: Outside.in for Publishers.

Outside.in for Publishers (OIP) is a flexible, self-service platform that allows anyone to easily create hundreds or thousands of new high-quality pages for their site, each focused on a hyperlocal neighborhood with targeted advertising inventory.

Fred Wilson writes:

If I was starting The Village Voice today, I would not print anything. I would not hire a ton of writers. I would build a website and a mobile app (or two or three). I would hire a Publisher and a few salespeople. I would hire an editor and a few journalists. And then I'd go out and find every blog, twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube, and other social media feed out there that is related to downtown NYC and I would pull it all into an aggregation system where my editor and journalists could cull through the posts coming in, curate them, and then publish them. I'd do a bit of original reporting on the big stories but most of what I'd do would be smart curation, with a voice, and an opinion.

The good news is I wouldn't have to build that aggregation and curation system. Our portfolio company Outside.in has built it and they launched it earlier this week. It's called Outside.in For Publishers (OIP).

Peter Kafka of WSJ's All Things Digital runs these numbers for a publisher with a staff of 20:

A sales force of a dozen people sells ads for both buckets of inventory [aggregated and original content], and uses ad networks to fill in remnant space they don’t sell. Net result: A very healthy 43 percent operating margin, much better than the 27 percent margins the newspaper industry enjoyed from 2000 through 2007, before the business imploded.

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